Dinosaur Train Bedding: What’s Available?

Looking for ways to decorate your kid’s bedroom with Dinosaur Train related gear?  One thing that people commonly ask me about is what options are available for Dinosaur Train sheets, bedding and covers.  When it comes to bedding, there are only a few choices available to people interested which are simple pillowcases.

Available from the PBS Kids store here, the selection of Dinosaur Train products is extremely lacking.

If you’re looking for a bedspreads or sheets with Dinosaur Train branding… you’re out of luck.  However, there are some alternatives available with dinosaurs if your child is willing to settle for “just” dinosaurs.  Of course, this is a bit of a joke because what kind of kid wouldn’t explode over the idea of sharing some sleep time with the triceratops!?  I know as a toddler myself I was perfectly fine with ordinary trains when Thomas was just getting started being popular.

Dinosaur Comforter Sets

Dinosaur Bed Sheets

As you can see, there are a few alternatives available for people looking for dinosaur bedding that looks nice.  This isn’t the entire selection of dinosaur style bedding you’ll find online either.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any Dinosaur Train bedding options available at the time of this posting, however that doesn’t mean they won’t release anything in the future.  I’m sure in a year or so they will have one or two choices available, especially with so many people interested in buying them.